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How Our Video/Film Post Production Services Help YOU Put More $ into Your Picture!

Post Production Inc. believes that each budget for Post Services actually belongs to that project’s screen presentation and that is why we’ve developed systems for the post process unlike anyone else.

Our systems are developed based on a combination of the best equipment, expert staff and the underlying belief that we can do it better.

State of the art equipment enables our staff of specialists and experts to bend workflows around and shape to their desires.  Processes are developed, documented, trained, improved upon and systemically distributed amongst the entire company and within each department.

We are not a pool of “one-person-shows”, where all the ability and knowledge lies within a single individual.  We are a gathering of systems and in those systems lies the secret to our success and what makes us better than everyone else.

Post Production Inc.  is like a streamlined, no nonsense factory that magically produces unique works of art, over and over again and again.

Offering The Following Video/Film Post Production Services:

  • Color Grading

  • Color Correction

  • HDR

  • Conform & Master: SD, HD, 2K, 4K & Stereoscopic 3D

  • Visual Effects & Compositing

  • Video/Film Restoration

  • Video Dailies

  • Creative Editorial

  • Title Design & Motion Graphics

  • Executive Screening Room

Examples of Our Video/Film Post Production Work

Companies Who Choose Post Production Inc.

Why Choose Post Production Inc. ?

We believe that we’re here for Directors, Producers and Artists, and  that we are assisting Production and it’s not Production assisting the Post Services Company.  Post Production Inc. is here to serve, we are ready to think on our feet, dance if necessary and hustle 110% to get the job done.  Creative and technical excellence is actually our daily mission and not a lofty concept that we only talk about from time to time. 

We believe through and through, that we are in fact the very best at what we do and are truly excited for every opportunity we get to be impressive.  

We believe we take the Art and Process of Post more seriously than anyone else.  We eat, breathe and sleep Post! 

Give us an opportunity, we'd like to make you a believer too.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Great Experience!"

""Working with Post Production Inc. on the coloring of Dust2Glory was a great experience! All the staff I dealt with were very knowledgeable and professional. Jason @(*)!@fwea[fj, in particular, really "got" the vibe we were going for and had some great creative suggestions that we followed through on. Dana Brown and I are already in preproduction on our next project, and we'll definitely be back at Post Production Inc. for our finish." "

Kevin Ward, DP - Dust 2 Glory, Dust 2 Glory 2

"Extensive Group of Technicians"

"For our DI the picture finishing team, actually had to create new frames using parts of the other frames because we had some corrupted files. They have an extensive group of technicians that can do basically every phase of post production that someone might need."

Mike Brinker, Producer - Bad Country

We're Here To Help You With Your Post!

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