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Pro Tip: If you’re going to deliver a DCP, that DCP should be digitally verified and viewed in the manner it was intended.  Our THX Certified, DCI Compliant Theater, complete with 5.1, 7.1, and Stereoscopic 3D capabilities, is the best way to do that.

Included with every DCP we make

• 100% DCI Compliance Technical Verification Report

• Sound & Picture Quality Check Report

• Deliverable Checksum Verification Report

How Our DCP Services Help You Look Your Best!

Post Production Inc. utilizes top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art DVS tools and workstations that are made specifically for the creation of DCP digital masters. Our staff of experienced industry professionals understands the needs and concerns of today’s theatrical distribution model. All of our DCP processes follow strict adherence to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) guidelines to ensure compatibility and compliance with Digital Cinema equipment throughout the globe. DCPs can contain multiple audio tracks (including 5.1 and 7.1), Stereoscopic 3D picture and can also be digitally encrypted (KDM) for security purposes. Delivery of DCPs can be handled on specialized hard drives or via high-speed Internet file transfers. Before a DCP is delivered, it should be Digitally Verified and played back for sound and picture quality, best accomplished via a DCI Complaint Theater. Our objective is to provide you with a product on time and on budget, with an emphasis on quality, service and value.

Offering The Following DCP Services

  • DCP Creation: 2k/4k/3D

  • DCP Verification

  • DCDM Creation

  • DCP Rewrap & Versioning

  • DCP Distribution

  • Key Management & Distribution (KDM)

  • Deliverables

  • Hard Drive Rentals

  • DCI Compliant Theatrical Screening Room

  • Protection Archival of DCP & Source Elements

  • Media Vault Services for DCP & Source Elements

  • Blu-ray and DVD Mastering & Duplication

  • Stereo to Surround Sound Remastering

  • VOD Encoding

  • Standards Conversions & Tape Duplication

You Provide

  • Image Sequences

  • Quicktime Files

  • RED

  • MXF

  • HD Cam / HDCam SR 

  • D5 / 2K D5

  • DVCpro HD 

  • XD Cam

We Deliver

  • DCI compliant hard drives

  • Ship to anywhere

  • On-time and on-budget

DCP Creation

Utilizing top of the line and State-of-the-Art DVS tools and workstations that are made specifically for the creation of DCP digital masters. Our staff of experienced industry professionals understands the needs and concerns of today's Theatrical Distribution model.

DCP Verification

Master your digital film to the worldwide standard in Digital Cinema Exhibition. We create both DCI Compliant InterOp and SMPTE Digital Cinema Packages. Please see our Submission Info for more details.

DCDM Creation

A DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master) is sometimes required and can be a necessary step in the process of a creating a DCP. Some broadcasters may require DCDM as a separate deliverable element.

Hard Drive Rentals

We can supply rental hard drives for transferring your media to and from us. We can also provide DCI compliant hard drive rentals for your delivery.

Distribution Expertise

Our team is well-versed with the various platforms and broadcast specifications in the ever changing marketplace. We offer enterprise level services for large and limited content launches for new and existing platforms.

• 4K - IMF, XAVC, DPX, ProRes 4444
• Asset and metadata packaging
• iOS adaptive bitrate encodings
• H.264 specialists
• Global delivery: FTP, Signient, Aspera
• 200 + platforms

Companies Who Choose Post Production Inc.

Why Choose Post Production Inc. ?

We believe that we’re here for Directors, Producers and Artists, and  that we are assisting Production and it’s not Production assisting the Post Services Company.  Post Production Inc. is here to serve, we are ready to think on our feet, dance if necessary and hustle 110% to get the job done.  Creative and technical excellence is actually our daily mission and not a lofty concept that we only talk about from time to time. 

We believe through and through, that we are in fact the very best at what we do and are truly excited for every opportunity we get to be impressive.  

We believe we take the Art and Process of Post more seriously than anyone else.  We eat, breathe and sleep Post! 

Give us an opportunity, we'd like to make you a believer too.

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