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Jared White
Jared WhiteProducer, Editor

Editor • Creative Team • Commercial Editing Team • Producer • Graphic Design • Trailers • Music Videos • Concert Editorial • Web Spots • Sizzles • Reality TV Pitch Reels • Hollywood Team • Vision • Conceptualization • Business Development • R&D • Post Production Team • Rolling Hills Baseball • A.S.K. • Loyalty • God • Family • Country • Woodworking • Masonry • Ceramics • Guns N Roses • Master Lego Builder • Prototypes • Cartography • Monopoly • First In • Last Out • Renegade Baseball • US History • Husky Team • N.E.S. • Atari • Goonies • Steve Miller Band

Eliot Gurrin
Eliot GurrinVFX, Graphic Design

Editor • Motion Graphics Artist • VFX Artist • Visual Effects Artist • Colorist • Designer • Graphic Designer • Writer • Director • Husband • Creative • Kickboxing • Miata • Movies • Stand-Up Comedy • Acting • Fitness • Pizza • TexMex • Food • Nintendo • Gameboy • Switch • NES • SNES • XBox • Playstation • Retro • Metal • Rock • Rock and Roll • Swing • England • London

James Brill
James BrillColorist, VFX

Colorist • VFX • Computers • Donuts • Lifting • Squats • Deadlifts • No Cardio • Bikes • Caring Eyes • Cars • Socks

Jason Yanuzzi
Jason YanuzziDirector of Picture Finishing Services
Originally an editor for NBC and CNBC where I cut for former Vanity Fair Editor Tina Brown and financial news stalwart Maria Bartiromo, I chose to move out to Los Angeles to get away from news and instead work in the Entertainment Industry. After shooting independent films, acting as an entertainment reporter for Hollywood Life and handling Camera Op duties for Doom Inc. on a a multitude of live rock concerts, I landed at Post Production Inc.
(formerly known as SonicPool) in 2006 where I’ve overseen the video and film side of the business as it’s grown from a small mom and pop operation to a multi-facility organization capable of competing with the best in the industry.

Being a part of Post Production Inc. as it’s grown, getting to work with great people and friends and having the chance to work alongside academy award winners and true artists has been a blessing and it feels as though we’re just getting started.

Post Production Inc. has become a part of our lives for my wife and I as well as a second family away from home. In my time away from work, like some of my offroading colleagues, I risk breaking every bone in my body weekly as I am an avid Dirtbike rider. For non-life threatening fun I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 and I love 3D and VR.

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