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Need a Blu-ray and/or DVD master for replication?

Post Production Inc. has literally designed, authored, mastered and delivered thousands of titles to Filmmakers, Networks, Music Labels and Agencies for over a decade.  Details are critical when it comes to mastering discs and our expert staff have the experience and technical know-how to deliver those details accurately.  Wrap that technical know-how with creative designers to bring menus to life and you have a sweet combination of “getting it done”.

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Offering The Following Blu-ray/DVD Post Production Services:

  • Multi-Angle, Multi-Track, Custom Chapters, Subtitles

  • Multi-pass H264 & MPEG-2 Compliant Encoding

  • Multi-Channel Encoding for PCM , DTS-HD & DOLBY TRUE-HD SURROUND

  • Advanced Customized Menu Design

  • DDP and CMF formatting

  • High Resolution Audio up to 24-bit 192khz

  • BD-J & HDMV Authoring

  • BD-J & HDMV Authoring for High Fidelity Pure Audio

  • 7.1 & 5.1 Surround Sound listening stations

  • BDCMF formatted discs with Managed Copy

  • Direct file delivery to Sony DADC & Technicolor

  • CSS and/or MACROVISION Encryption

Companies Who Choose Post Production Inc.

Why Choose Post Production Inc. ?

We believe that we’re here for Directors, Producers and Artists, and that we are assisting Production and it’s not Production assisting the Post Services Company.  Post Production Inc. is here to serve, we are ready to think on our feet, dance if necessary and hustle 110% to get the job done.  Creative and technical excellence is actually our daily mission and not a lofty concept that we only talk about from time to time. 

We believe through and through, that we are in fact the very best at what we do and are truly excited for every opportunity we get to be impressive.  

We believe we take the Art and Process of Post more seriously than anyone else.  We eat, breathe and sleep Post! 

Give us an opportunity, we'd like to make you a believer too.

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