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Audio Post Production Services

Did you know Post Production Inc. (formerly SonicPool) started as an audio finishing house? We’ve greatly expanded since then, but audio will always have a special place in our hearts. We offer complete sound finishing for any and all projects, including feature films, shorts, series, trailers, gaming and more. Feel confident that your project is in the right hands, as all of our audio engineers are highly trained, creative and incredibly talented.

Post Production Inc. can provide any service needed in order to finish your audio, including sound design, mixing, restoration, and theatrical 5.1 and 7.1 mixing in our certified THX Theater. Give your project life with our extensive sound design and sound effects library. Need to get talent in for a recording session? We also provide recording services for ADR, commentary, foley, loop group, ISDN and Source Connect.

Our Audio Post Production Services:

  • Audio Mixing

  • Sound Design

  • Audio Editorial & Restoration

  • Voice Over & ADR Audio Recording

  • Commentary & Foley Recording

  • Language Dubbing

  • Localization

  • Audio Versioning & Adaptation

  • Audio Conversions & Encoding

Examples of Our Audio Post Production Work

Companies Who Choose Post Production Inc.

Why Choose Post Production Inc. ?

We believe that we’re here for Directors, Producers and Artists, and  that we are assisting Production and it’s not Production assisting the Post Services Company.  Post Production Inc. is here to serve, we are ready to think on our feet, dance if necessary and hustle 110% to get the job done.  Creative and technical excellence is actually our daily mission and not a lofty concept that we only talk about from time to time. 

We believe through and through, that we are in fact the very best at what we do and are truly excited for every opportunity we get to be impressive.  

We believe we take the Art and Process of Post more seriously than anyone else.  We eat, breathe and sleep Post! 

Give us an opportunity, we'd like to make you a believer too.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Real Pros"

"The Sonicpool (Post Production Inc.) team are real pros when it comes to HD online and mixing. Their services are always quick, efficient and affordable. We can always rely on their consistent service and attention to our various projects."

Jason Wulfsohn, Commercial Producer

"Incredible Talent" 

"I love mixing at Sonicpool (Post Production Inc.) . They have a passion for everything audio. Film is a visual medium, so selling a movie over radio puts you at a disadvantage. We try to overcome that by creating a vivid audio image. Sonicpool (Post Production Inc.) makes that happen with incredible talent and imagination."

Seth Berkowitz, Creative Director, Workshop Creative

"Great Overall Value"

"SonicPool (Post Production Inc.) is like the crack dealer of sound design and mixing. When you’re mixing with these guys, they keep coming up with really great, creative ways to add impact and overall value of my projects via the sound. They’ve hooked me in with all their awesomeness!"

Drew Hall, Director - Sons of Liberty

"Kick Ass"

"The guys at SonicPool (Post Production Inc.) kick ass.  Their team continues to shape and redefine sound design for the horror genre."

Austin Reading, President, Liquid Theory

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