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Post Production Inc. is a full service post production company headquartered in the heart of Hollywood.  Every day we provide industry professionals a comprehensive line of Post services, Rentals and Technology Products.

In 2017 SonicPool changed its corporate name to POST PRODUCTION INC.  The name change was to better reflect the actual capabilities and vision of the company.  That vision is to become the world’s premier Post Services Provider.  That’s right, we said it, we want it all and we are not shy about wanting to provide the very best Post to all industry professionals in the world.

Since its founding in 2001, SonicPool (now Post Production Inc.) served the entertainment industry by delivering on its simple mission to provide quality creative services that are on time and on budget with creative and technical excellence.   Now POST PRODUCTION INC. will continue this tradition but will also add to it by insisting on challenging the status quo of the industry itself.  That is to say, if there is a better, faster, more efficient way to provide quality services and rentals, we want to be the company putting it into practice and doing it first.  We are committed to the attitude of; “whatever it takes” and we will move heaven and earth in our quest to impress every industry professional who walks through our doors.  

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Meet Your New Best Friends, Who Make it All Happen.

Patrick Bird
Patrick BirdFounder, CEO and Director of Audio Services
Sound Design, Editing, Shooting, Mixing… you name it, if it has to do with creative content, then I’m in! I started off in New Jersey doing live sound, camera work, video editing, radio commercials, recording bands, and working master control for TV stations throughout college and shortly after. This all kept me on my toes, bouncing back and forth between Trenton, New York and

Philly, where in addition to other fun projects, I had the pleasure of working with master artists the likes of Megadeth, Phish, The Ramones, Faith No More, The Rollins Band, Fishbone, George Clinton & the P-Funk All-stars and Blue Oyster Cult.

I eventually made my way out to Los Angeles via a four month long motorcycle ride and camping trip. Unfortunately, no one in LA wanted to hear my “jack of all trades” story, so I picked my favorite gig, and I honed my skills in recording, editing, sound design and mixing for post production.

Eventually, a friend and I (my pal John Frost) began to pick up extra work and all we did was work, work and work. We were passionate about offering the best services at very fair prices. We believed, that with new technology, you could do things faster, better and cheaper…you didn’t have to pick just two. Our hard work and forward thinking paid off and we blossomed into a full service post house today known as Post Production Inc. So here I happily find myself again surrounded by all things post…and now with two locations!

In addition to my post related obsessions, I am also an Eagle Scout as well as a Philadelphia Eagles fan that enjoys riding my Harley and occasionally shooting some trap and skeet. (Making clay pigeons explode is a great stress reliever by the way!) Stop by the studio and I’ll show you how to tie a taut line hitch knot, rap about my plight as an Eagles fan, or regale you with tales of one of my cross country motorcycle trips as well as all the “interesting” people we met at the campsites along the way.

Eagles Football 100%
Harley Davidson 95%
Kristina Forcier
Kristina ForcierProduction Services
Born and raised in Southern California, I never thought I’d end up in the entertainment industry. After a year as a Chemistry major, I decided to change my focus to Film and Media Studies. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve had the pleasure of working for Post Production Inc. since 2007. Over the past 11 years, the knowledge I’ve gained has been invaluable. Being able to grow and learn as the company itself has grown has been a blessing.
I’m the mother to Liam, my wonderful 5-month-old, and wife to Vince, my partner in crime.
Cooking and Baking 90%
Cello 85%
John Frost
John FrostFounder and President, Post Audio Mixer, Business Development

Sound Team • Post Audio Mixer • Hollywood • Vision • Business Development • Producer • Post Production Team • Green Chile • Sherman Oaks Little League • Baseball • Loyalty • 70 degrees • Brickmaker • God • Family • Country • The Slight Edge • More Baseball • Thai Food • Movies • Popcorn • Endless Summers • Music • AC/DC • Bass • Lots More Baseball • Piano • XMA

Noland Anderson
Noland AndersonBusiness Development
Hailing from Wisconsin I came to California via Hawaii… yes, I eat cheese and no, I don’t own a cheese head hat… (anymore)
I’ve been in the sales and marketing arena for over 20 years and have done everything from selling educational books door to door in college to recruiting and developing sales organizations. I’m obsessed with everything having to do with digital marketing and helping businesses thrive whether e-commerce or brick and mortar.

Currently, I’m testing to see how many people click the “show more” button and actually read this section… so if you’re part of that group, I’d love to hear from you…😀

Outside of digital marketing, I graduated from MIT (not that MIT… I’m talking Musicians Institute) and have performed onstage all over the world.
I have an awesome wife from Japan who puts together incredible bento box lunches for me everyday. If you stop in before noon, come find me and see what unbelievable creation is on the menu for the day!

Surfing 58%
Drums 90%

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