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This is where we began with a single audio mixing and sound design studio.  Founders John W. Frost and Patrick Bird ran with their skill for providing great sound in that one room and expanded the company slowly over time, providing more and more services and bringing on other great people that now completely fill the 20,000 sq. ft. facility.  

There are numerous Picture Finishing Suites, Sound Studios, a THX Theater and over 40 Rental Edit Suites with corresponding Bullpens and Production Offices.  Also in the facility lives a Green Screen Sound Stage, that many of our customers find super convenient.  The entire facility is networked with centralized control systems in place.  The facility is MPAA rated and has been physically and digitally approved by all the major studios, networks and platforms.  

The Hollywood Facility has been designed so that any type of Production (Feature, Series, Live Shows, Commercial, Promo, and others) can step in and get all of their Post Production needs handled in one spot.  

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We believe that we’re here for Directors, Producers and Artists, and that we are assisting Production and it’s not Production assisting the Post Services Company.  Post Production Inc. is here to serve, we are ready to think on our feet, dance if necessary and hustle 110% to get the job done.  Creative and technical excellence is actually our daily mission and not a lofty concept that we only talk about from time to time. 

We believe through and through that we are in fact the very best at what we do and are truly excited for every opportunity we get to be impressive.  

We believe we take the Art and Process of Post more seriously than anyone else.  We eat, breathe and sleep Post! 

Give us an opportunity, we'd like to make you a believer, too.

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"SONICPOOL (Post Production Inc. Hollywood), my favorite place to edit, Cheers!"

Michael Duthie, Feature Film Editor

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